Have you ever wondered what those breaking the 4 Hour Marathon barrier are doing?

Are you within minutes of the time and want to totally dominate this prestigious standard?

sub 4 hour marathon
If you have the sub 4 hour marathon as your goal and are searching for the CORRECT way to break the Sub 4 Hour Marathon then look no further.

There are countless marathon training plans on the internet. I have seen free training plans that looked like they took 2 minutes to complete. There is no detail and worse, there is no explanation for what you are doing and why.

This is not a phone app or a cookie-cutter training plan. The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint is for the serious athlete willing to invest in his or her marathon success.

Training plans you can easily find do not talk back. There is a missing ingredient in your training and we both know you have far more in you then you Money Back Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge Greenhave shown in your racing.

What if you had the knowledge to take massive times off your current best time that your competitors are missing? I am bringing a 100% money back guarantee with the blueprint.

If you don’t take a massive leap in the way you think and train after diving into this please just send me an email and I will fully reimburse you, no questions asked.

If you are like me, you want to do everything you can in your training and own self-education to get to the starting line fully prepared to maintain goal race pace.

The greatest runners from Kenya, USA, Italy, Japan and Europe among others are training at or below race pace. You have just as much drive, determination and work ethic as anyone else.

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You can only do in a race what you’ve practiced in training.” Pace, not distance, is the guiding principle. Better to run 16 miles at your goal marathon pace, than slog through a 24-miler that does little to improve your endurance at race pace. – Renato Canova, coach of Geoffery Mutai, 2.03.02 marathoner

I think Nathan Pennington has a great idea with this book and it is going to be helpful to those athletes that have a big dream and are serious about achieving it.-Michael Wardian, 2.17.49, three-time Olympic Trials Qualifier and 4-time USATF 100K World Team member.

What the 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint Is Not

The blueprint will not be a waste of your time or funds. I have seen far too many marathon training plans that look as though they were created in a matter of minutes and there is no interaction with the viewer.

This isn’t about creating a simple document. I have been competing in marathons since 2002 and have been running at the national to international level since 2007.

Runners need more then someone throwing a training plan at them. I work best when I am motivated, not just when I have a training plan. I wanted to create a product where runners could come back and read over content within the blueprint that will keep them going when the training gets really tough.

This is important to me. I, like you, have invested my time, life and own funds to learning as much as I can to compete at the top levels. It took me five long hard years to run the marathon in 2.19.35.

I know you want results as badly, if not more, then I do. If you are seeking an in-depth guide that has more motivational value then the $39.99 sale price then you have landed on the right page.

Are you a 5 hour marathoner? You may be well on your way to getting under 4 hours, the 4 hour marathon blueprint will ensure you dominate your next marathon by provided training tips and tricks the best runners use to maximize their full potential.

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What If I Don’t Like It?

I realize not everyone is going to be willing to spend thousands on coaching on a Sub 4 Hour Marathon training schedule but if you are not even remotely thrilled with the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint I will fully refund you the $39.99 sale price, no questions asked.

I can assure you it will save you years of trial and error that I had to endure and gain time on your fitness goals and get you to the finish line of your next marathon at a minimum, with a new personal best.

Running a breakthrough marathon takes patience and persistence. I encourage you, try the blueprint for 60 days and if you are not fully pleased with the content and the 12-week training plan simply send me an email and I will gladly return your funds.

I want results like anyone else and if I cannot give you any form of motivation or improved results in your racing then I have failed us both. That being said, I am confident that you will learn ideas within this blueprint that you may have never considered and you will improve.


Want to know more details about the Blueprint?

I get several emails a week from runners around the world who are trying to get through the hardest parts of the marathon. I have found, after 11 years of competing in the marathon distance over 21 years in middle to long distance running that two factors come into play, fueling and race pace training.

Part 1 – Overview of elite marathon running, breaking barriers and some of the reasons and motivations that helped me drop over 21 minutes off my own marathon time and how the best runners in the world drop time quicker, smarter and get longer lasting results.

Some of the main points of this chapter are:

What I was doing wrong and countless others in training that was causes staleness in training and racing and what to do about it.

The importance of long runs and using your physiology to get the most out of your training. In-depth training information that is not on the blog is heavily discussed

The reason a sub 4 hour marathon is just as elite as any other top time in the world. Heavy discussion on mindset, how you can overcome limiting thoughts that have possibly held you back in the past to use to your advantage leading into your sub 4 hour marathon attempt.

Part 2 – This is where we start to get into the specifics of fuel usage in marathon reacing. We dig into the how and why of the long run that you are not going to find in any other training plan that discusses specific sub 4 hour marathon training pace.

We’ll dive into the roadblocks that far too many runners succumb to and how you can get around them and under the 4 hour barrier. It is one of the most important bits of information held within the blueprint.

Part 3 – The word quit I know is not in your vocabulary and it surely isn’t in mine. We go into the reasons negativity from others can propel you to new and dramatically higher levels in your marathon preparation and performance.

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Part 4 – An overview from some of the United States top marathoners of what they feel takes to break the sub 4 hour marathon. Michael Wardian (2.17.49 marathoner), Nick Stanko (2.19.37 marathoner), Dan Kahn (2.19.07 marathoner) and Ryan Bak (2.14.17 marathoner) give their expert opinion about the sub 4 hour marathon and what needs to be done to hold under 9.09 per mile pace.


Michael Wardian is a three-time Olympic Trials qualifier, he is a four-time USA Track and Field 50K and 100K World running team member and has run 150 marathons all under 3 hours. He ran his PR marathon, 2.17.49, at the 2011 Grandmas Marathon at the young age of 37.


Nick Stanko is a professional triathlete/runner and has run 49.14 for 10-miles and 1.04.01 for the half-marathon. He is a two-time Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and owns a 2.19.37 marathon PR.


Dan Kahn A 2.19.07 marathoner and one of the United States top distance runners Dan gives his expert opinion on what must be done to break the sub 4 hour marathon. He also holds a personal best of 1.04.01 for the half-marathon.


Ryan Bak is one of the all-time fastest marathoners in the United States. He recorded one of the top-20 fastest marathon debuts in American history with his 2.14.17 at the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials. He brings some outstanding insight to the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint and one no runner will want to pass up reading.

Part 5 – We will be discussing various key workouts that the best athletes in the world use to maintain marathon pace without slowing. One of the greatest things about workouts like these is they force the body to use fat as fuel and conserve carbohydrates. If you conserve sugars you will sustain your pace while your competitors fall behind.

This isn’t about bragging rights (perhaps it is for you) or belittling anyone but the difference between runners who break 4 hours and those who miss the standard. It is a lack of knowledge, not a lack of drive that runners are missing when it comes to marathon racing.

Some experiences I have had in marathoning that has assisted me in going from a total beginner to 2.19.35 and how you can implement them into your own racing to get even better results.

Nate Pennington is a great coach, a nationally competitive athlete, and just a really good guy. His steadfast work ethic and intense dedication to the sport ensures that his athletes will enjoy individual attention and thoughtful coaching.- Luke Watson, 3:57 miler and 2:15:29 marathoner

Part 6 – The most technical section of the blueprint. We’ll be discussing lactic acid, detailed heart rate training fundamentals and more in-depth discussion on fueling for success.

Runners that are running times under 4 hours or better understand the importance of fueling and using the most out of their bodies systems.

You will walk away from this section of the blueprint with a vast understanding of exercise physiology and how you can use it to demolish the 4 hour barrier.

We’ll also discuss the importance of lactate threshold training, easy running (yes, easy running) and aerobic capacity training, how to implement them into your training to get maximum results.

How you can use it (lactic acid) rather it use you in the marathon. You will move on from this section of the blueprint with a better understanding of why you slow in races and what needs to be done to maintain, rather then slow at the most crucial sections of the marathon

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Some of the additional content discussed:

How and why you need to run faster during long runs and the physiological adaptations that occur from running fast for longer periods of time.

Why running slow will not get you ahead of your competitors and time goals and how to make the necessary changes to change the pattern.

How you can use heart rate training to your advantage and how implementing it can actually make training easier and more fun.

and much more..

Part 7 – You’ll learn specific workouts you can use to get under 4 hours that you may have never considered in the past. The reasons for the workouts and what happens when you consistently use them.

Some additional ideas contained within this section:

Find out the same exact workouts I used to break the 2.20 marathon barrier and drop my half-marathon best from 1.10 to 1.07.06.

What is the real purpose of tempo runs and how much of an impact they can have on your overall marathon performance as well as tips on how you canSatisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange use them to take your training to a far higher level then you thought possible.

You’ll learn the physiological adaptations that occur within the body from doing hard tempo efforts, longer fartlek running and workouts that far exceed your overall goal race.

Part 8 – The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Plan

You will have a custom built sub 4 hour marathon 12-week schedule that is built specifically for accomplishing one goal, running faster then 9.09 per mile pace.

What if I am a 4.50 marathoner?

You will learn how to drop significant, rather then small amounts of time you may have taken off your best in the past.

The plan gradually introduces you into longer farteks, long runs that are more conducive to teaching you how to maintain sub 4 marathon pace as well as ‘must-do’ workouts that will give you the most bang for your buck come race day.

You will also receive two months of consultation from me via email as we move you forward to your sub 4 hour marathon.

Time is the most precious gift we have. No one has guaranteed us a tomorrow.  You have made it this far into this page which clearly shows me you are far from the average athlete but are someone who is willing to make an investment to create lasting changes in your future marathon racing.

So, lets get started today.

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